TikTok Death Tracker

Deaths Injuries
Date Source Death Injury Type Country
May 29, 2020 Five boys drown to death while making TikTok video in Ganga river 5 - Drown India
May 21, 2020 Girl found dead after allegedly being victim of cyberbullying over TikTok video 1 - Suicide Malaysia
May 20, 2020 Wife kills self after TikTok row with husband, minor too ends life 1 - Suicide India
May 14, 2020 Youngster suffers burn injuries while trying to shoot TikTok video on moving train - 1 Stunt India
Apr 23, 2020 P.E Nation founder Pip Edwards faceplants while jumping rope and sustains an eye injury - 1 Stunt Australia
Apr 21, 2020 Karachi man dies after getting hit by train while making TikTok video on railway track 1 - Vehicle Pakistan
Apr 19, 2020 Mum 27, breaks ankles trying popular Oh Na Na Na TikTok dance challenge - 1 Challenge UK
Apr 17, 2020 Minor boy accidentally chokes self to death while shooting TikTok video 1 - Challenge India
Apr 16, 2020 No likes on TikTok video, depressed teen hangs self to death over 1 - Suicide India
Apr 08, 2020 Margie Naatz fell and hurt the heel of foot while helping boyfriend for a TikTok video - 1 Challenge USA
Apr 07, 2020 Star Lele Pons falls and crashed through glass door trying to perfect a TikTok dance - 1 Dance USA
Apr 07, 2020 Boy 5, shot dead by stray bullet while making TikTok video with his dad on balcony 1 - Murder USA
Mar 11, 2020 TikTok craze turns newly married man crushed to death by tractor while performing stunt 1 - Stunt India
Mar 08, 2020 TikTok #SkullBreakerChallenge leaves child seriously injured - 1 Challenge Australia
Mar 07, 2020 Cop dies in accidental firing from his gun while making TikTok video 1 - Weapon Pakistan
Mar 06, 2020 Man kills woman he met on TikTok after she refuses to give money 1 - Murder India
Mar 06, 2020 Viral #SkullBreakerChallenge may have played a role in Conestoga students injuries - 3 Challenge Canada
Mar 03, 2020 Youth charred to death after coming in contact with electric wire while filming TikTok video 1 - Stunt India
Mar 02, 2020 Youth jumps into canal hits by rocks and dies instantly for TikTok video 1 - Stunt India
Feb 21, 2020 Viral #SkullBreakerChallenge from TikTok seriously injures 13 year old Massachusetts student - 1 Challenge USA
Feb 20, 2020 Mountainside High School student hurt in viral #SkullBreakerChallenge - 1 Challenge USA
Feb 19, 2020 TikTok user near to death experience after falling from moving train while recording TikTok video - 1 Stunt India
Feb 18, 2020 Boy shot dead by his friend in an attempt to make TikTok video 1 - Weapon Pakistan
Feb 17, 2020 New TikTok #SkullBreakerChallenge lands youth in ICU with head injury and stitches - 1 Challenge USA
Feb 11, 2020 Mom asked for an action after her daughter was hurt doing the viral #SkullBreakerChallenge - 1 Challenge USA
Feb 06, 2020 TikTok #SkullBreakerChallenge leads to Ozark kids broken arm - 1 Challenge USA
Feb 06, 2020 TikTok livesreamed user suicide: Young Brazilian killed himself live on TikTok 1 - Suicide Brazil
Feb 02, 2020 Youth commits suicide after being harassed by police for making TikTok video 1 - Suicide India
Jan 30, 2020 Boy sets himself on fire after being stopped from filming TikTok video - 1 Suicide Pakistan
Jan 16, 2020 Kolkata teen suffocates to death in front of friends while shooting TikTok video 1 - Stunt India
Jan 15, 2020 A youth died and another injured in a road accident while making TikTok video on highway 1 1 Vehicle India
Jan 14, 2020 Bareilly teen dies as gun accidentally goes off while filming TikTok video 1 - Weapon India
Jan 07, 2020 TikTok star Sonu Singh with headphons in his ears hit by train while shooting TikTok video 1 - Vehicle Pakistan
Dec 29, 2019 Sialkot boy loses life as pistol goes off while filming TikTok video with friends 1 - Weapon Pakistan
Dec 13, 2019 Indian husband kills wife after seeing a TikTok video of her with another guy 2 - Murder India
Dec 10, 2019 Four injured as two armed groups open fire on each other over TikTok video in Delhi - 4 Weapon India
Nov 27, 2019 Young Coimbatore man drowns in pond with his bull while filming TikTok video 1 - Drown India
Nov 17, 2019 Andhra man kills her wife burns body for posting TikTok videos 1 - Murder India
Nov 11, 2019 Andhra man commits suicide over viral of TikTok video in Kuwait 1 - Suicide Kuwait
Nov 08, 2019 Man murdered his wife who upset with her TikTok videos shooting habit 1 - Murder India
Oct 01, 2019 Two teenagers hit and killed by train while making TikTok video on railway track 2 - Vehicle Pakistan
Sep 28, 2019 Benagluru teenager friends killed and injured by speeding train while shooting TikTok video 2 1 Vehicle India
Sep 22, 2019 Telangana youth fell into the stream and drowned while trying to make a TikTok video 1 - Drown India
Sep 15, 2019 Priyanka committed suicide after her mother rebuked her for watching TikTok videos 1 - Suicide India
Sep 02, 2019 TikTok video led to caste tensions results a murder and suicide 2 - Suicide India
Aug 31, 2019 Hyderabad youths TikTok love story ended in the suicide 1 - Suicide India
Aug 30, 2019 Upset man ends life after requesting viewers to take care of his mother upon his death on TikTok 1 - Suicide India
Aug 22, 2019 Shandong teen died and another injured mimicking TikTok challenge 1 1 Challenge China
Aug 19, 2019 West Bengal youth dies after getting hit by train while shooting stunt for TikTok 1 1 Stunt India
Aug 14, 2019 Bihar teenager hit while running parallel to a moving train for TikTok stunt 3 - Stunt India
Aug 09, 2019 Madhya Pradesh man narrowly escaped death after jumping into a river to shoot a TikTok video - 1 Stunt India
Aug 08, 2019 Teen student choked to death while shooting a TikTok video with a shawl tied around his neck 1 - Challenge India
Jul 31, 2019 Bihar boy dies after running parallel with a moving train to shoot TikTok video 1 - Vehicle India
Jul 23, 2019 Bihar boy drowned in a flooded water while performing stunts with his friends for TikTok 1 - Challenge India
Jul 14, 2019 Karnataka woman lost her life after falling into farm pond while filming TikTok video 1 - Drown India
Jun 24, 2019 Man died who had broken his spinal cord while shooting TikTok video 1 - Stunt India
Jun 21, 2019 Student kid wearing bangles and a mangal sutra choked himself while performing TikTok challenge 1 - Challenge India
Jun 16, 2019 Boy shot dead when trigger of the pistol was pressed while posing with pistol 1 - Weapon India
Jun 13, 2019 Woman shot a live suicide video after being scolded for TikTok addiction 1 - Suicide India
May 16, 2019 Telugu woman singing the song Padipoya has an epic fall in TikTok video - 1 Fall India
Apr 14, 2019 Delhi teen shot dead as pistol goes off by his friend while filming TikTok video 1 - Weapon India
Feb 24, 2019 Man allegedly kills his friend over uploading racism casteist video on TikTok 1 - Racism India
Feb 23, 2019 College students tripling on a motorbike met with bus while recording TikTok video 1 2 Vehicle India
Jan 09, 2019 Teen girl suicide by hung herself in bathroom after her mother scolded for TikTok addiction 1 - Suicide India
Jan 08, 2019 Guy death by falls under own tractor and brutally killed while performing stunt for TikTok app 1 - Vehicle India
Dec 03, 2018 A man injured himself with a knife while recording a Tamil song in a TikTok incidents - 1 Weapon India
Oct 19, 2018 Chennai youth commits suicide after being bullied for dressing up as a woman 1 - Vehicle India
Honorable Mentions (not included in count) Type Country
May 30, 2020 #BoycottChineseProducts bollywood joins the online campaign Racism India
May 29, 2020 Unable to use #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter hashtags, TikTok blames it a random bug Racism USA
May 29, 2020 People are posting Minneapolis protest after George Floyd death calling 'This is America' News USA
May 28, 2020 How Trump's social media order could impact the fates of Snap, TikTok and Grindr News USA
May 28, 2020 Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin threaten to sue plastic surgeon over TikTok video News USA
May 28, 2020 TikTok owner ByteDance moves to shift power out of China News China
May 28, 2020 Police officer's TikTok video helps reunite family with father after two years News India
May 28, 2020 Two friends sharing how the same outfit looks on their different body types Trending USA
May 28, 2020 TikTok clone app Zynn is topping the charts by offering cash rewards to watch videos News USA
May 28, 2020 Kayla 10 visited by ghostly white orb while shooting TikTok dance video News UK
May 28, 2020 Many users rejects viral disgusting #NoBra challenge on TikTok Challenge All
May 28, 2020 Parents are handing their toddlers raw eggs to prove an adorable point Challenge All
May 28, 2020 Jason Derulo TikTok videos going viral during quarantine Trending USA
May 27, 2020 Facebook’s latest music video collaboration app Collab looks like TikTok News USA
May 27, 2020 Parking lot Karen goes viral on TikTok for physically blocking car in NYC central park Trending USA
May 27, 2020 Lorry driver arrested for inciting communal violence through TikTok videos Arrest India
May 27, 2020 Young TikTok user who posts video recounting rape arrested by security forces Arrest Egypt
May 27, 2020 TikTok owner ByteDance reportedly made a net profit of $3 billion in 2019 News China
May 26, 2020 Irish farmer association condemned alarmingly immature farm stunt TikTok videos News Ireland
May 26, 2020 Google play store deleted 6 millions negative reviews in an effort to improve app rating News India
May 25, 2020 After Faizal, TikTok star Amir Siddiqui's 3.8 million followers account suspended Violation India
May 25, 2020 Two teenagers have been arrested for drowning a dog into a pond Case India
May 25, 2020 Six interesting products that people are buying after TikTok influence News All
May 25, 2020 Mens boarding a sinking houseboat is now at the centre of an investigation into the mystery Case Australia
May 24, 2020 LG Poland under fire for an inappropriate dual screen promotional TikTok ad Violation Poland
May 23, 2020 The #StrawberryChallenge: Users are extracting tiny bugs from fruit with saltwater Challenge All
May 23, 2020 Magic shaving powder that removes hairs in minutes sells out online after going viral on TikTok Trending All
May 23, 2020 Teen arrested and released on bail after posting cat kiling clip on TikTok Case India
May 22, 2020 Everyone using the #xyzcba on TikTok for viral social marketing Trending All
May 22, 2020 TikTok app rating improves on play store after removing over 8 million reviews Violation India
May 22, 2020 TikTok to host Monsta X, iKon and K-pop stars concerts for COVID-19 relief efforts News South Korea
May 22, 2020 Police called on a woman who made a TikTok with a dummy that looked like a dead body Case USA
May 21, 2020 TikTok celebrity Sonu Nayak gets arrested for breaking lockdown to shoot TikTok video Arrest India
May 20, 2020 TikTok #WipeItDown challenge shows users switching wardrobes and realities Challenge All
May 20, 2020 TikTok net worth exceeds $100 billion in private markets News China
May 20, 2020 TikTok removes #autismchallenge from platform amid backlash News All
May 19, 2020 Mocking disabile people the #BreakYourWrist trend has left many TikTok users disgusted Challenge All
May 19, 2020 TikTokers stand with black creators to protest TikTok algorithm with #ImBlackMovement News All
May 19, 2020 Karnataka youth arrested for making TikTok video with rabbit Arrest India
May 19, 2020 Faizal Siddiqui's 13.4 million followers account banned for glorifying acid attack Violation India
May 19, 2020 TikTok faces severe backlash in India over poor content moderation Violation India
May 19, 2020 Girls smacking their boyfriends with her bags inside car in TikTok #PurseChallenge Challenge All
May 19, 2020 TikTok of man making fun of Holocaust tattoos has gone viral Violation UK
May 19, 2020 JoJo Siwa's #WipeItDown TikTok challenge get attraction of million TikTok users Challenge USA
May 19, 2020 Sarah Cooper perfectly performs Trump's hydroxychloroquine intake Trending USA
May 19, 2020 Disney's head of streaming Kevin Mayer, becomes TikTok CEO News USA
May 18, 2020 Soldier suspended after showing off dancing skills in bizarre TikTok video Case Honduras
May 18, 2020 YouTube vs TikTok battle results in drastically down-rating TikTok app on play store Trending India
May 18, 2020 #BanTikTokIndia is trending after Faizal Siddiqui's acid attack video went viral Case India
May 18, 2020 Indian man dancing on Hrithik Roshan's song you are my sonia goes viral Trending India
May 16, 2020 Man pleads guilty to coercing children on TikTok into producing child porn Violation USA
May 16, 2020 This woman goes viral for being a PhD student by day and a go-go dancer by night Trending USA
May 16, 2020 Popular Egyptian influencer Mawada Eladhm arrested for violating family values Arrest Egypt
May 15, 2020 TikTok ordered to answer Brazil questions on children’s data use Violation Brazil
May 15, 2020 TikTok cereal stunt on NYC subway amid pandemic is despicable, The MTA condemned Violation USA
May 15, 2020 Twitterati urge to #BanTikTokIndia after Carry Minati's YouTube vs TikTok video removal Trending India
May 14, 2020 TikTok is still violating children’s privacy law, FTC complaint says Violation USA
May 14, 2020 Healthcare worker who went viral for TikTok dance with 102-year-old found dead in her home News UK
May 14, 2020 Comedian Sarah Cooper goes viral with lip-sync of Donald Trump, people really hate him? News USA
May 14, 2020 Christine McGuinness is back on TikTok after being deleted for being too racy videos Violation UK
May 13, 2020 Mom of child with autism pleads with TikTok to remove #AutismChallenge videos News USA
May 13, 2020 This cool women on TikTok are causing roller skates to sell out online News USA
May 12, 2020 Guys are impersonating abusive ex-boyfriends in disturbing TikTok #crazyboyfriend trend Violation All
May 12, 2020 TikTok faces Colombia investigation over children data privacy News Colombia
May 12, 2020 Indian river county deputy suspended over controversial TikTok videos, investigation concludes Case India
May 12, 2020 The TikTok autism challenge is the worst of the internet, Twitter calls for stop Racism All
May 12, 2020 TikTok's users sharing bedroom decoration in #BedroomCheck and now I want to redecorate Trending All
May 12, 2020 People are giving tours of their renovated vans on TikTok Trending All
May 11, 2020 TikToker are combining poetry and meme using Google translator for #RosesAreRed challenge Trending All
May 11, 2020 TikToker are sharing the craziest things they have witnessed in New York and it's hilarious Trending USA
May 11, 2020 TikToker are singing to Hey There Delilah from Delilah's point of view and it's extremely tender Trending USA
May 11, 2020 People worry about a mom making her baby disappear in #23weekspregnant TikTok challenge Challenge USA
May 11, 2020 Nathan Cleary and Tyrone May handed two-match suspension and $45,000 fined after TikTok saga Case Australia
May 11, 2020 The #ScoobDance challenge on Tiktok has generated 3 billion views in a week Challenge All
May 11, 2020 Underage Katie Price's daughter Princess TikTok account with 40k followers gets deleted News UK
May 11, 2020 Geelong captain Joel Selwood backlash over mopping the floor with his wife in TikTok video News Australia
May 08, 2020 Creating famous #Albumcover for savage jokes is the new funniest TikTok trend Trending All
May 08, 2020 The first esports tournament TikTok cup kicks off this weekend between college students News USA
May 08, 2020 TikTok faces Dutch privacy probe over safety of children’s data Case Netherland
May 06, 2020 TikTok turned a scene from Money Heist into a massive beauty meme Trending All
May 06, 2020 TikTok has quietly made London its main hub in Europe News UK
May 06, 2020 TikToker Dixie D'Amelio receives death threats after her old Trump supported photo resurfaces News USA
May 06, 2020 Facebook login bug crashing ton of iOS based apps including TikTok News All
May 06, 2020 Ambulance workers slam over an inappropriate TikTok funeral #coffindance meme video Violation UK
May 06, 2020 Moms are flashing their breastfed babies in #breastfedbaby challenge to record their reactions Trending All
May 05, 2020 Bored Scots injuring themselves filming TikTok videos during coronavirus pandemic Violation UK
May 05, 2020 The mail carrier accidentally interrupted a TikTok and became a viral star Trending UK
May 04, 2020 Odisha police book six quarantined migrants workers for uploading TikTok video Arrest India
May 04, 2020 TikTok collaborates with Indian celebrities in #MatKarForward to fight against misinformation Trending India
May 04, 2020 Singer Amy Shark apologises for racist TikTok video after backlash from fans Racism Australia
May 04, 2020 TikTok release report showing all time high downloads of 200 million led by India in Q1, 2020 News China
May 03, 2020 TikTok users can now create and manage in-feed video ads using Sprinklr Trending China
May 02, 2020 A landlord criticized over withholding non-paying tenant packages in viral TikTok video Trending USA
May 02, 2020 Police chief warns officers to stop shooting TikTok videos or face disciplinary action Violation UK
May 01, 2020 The #PancakeCereal is the latest recipe trend to take over TikTok Trending All
Apr 30, 2020 TikTok hit with biometric privacy suit over kids facial scan data collection Violation USA
Apr 30, 2020 This disturbing #PeeYourPantsChallenge encourages users to pee in their pants Challenge USA
Apr 30, 2020 Vengaboys pleading with TikTokers to stop doing the viral Up & Down challenge News Netherland
Apr 30, 2020 TikToker Avani Gregg account mistakenly disappeared overnight and recovered later Violation USA
Apr 30, 2020 TikTok reportedly surpassed 2 billion downloads worldwide News All
Apr 30, 2020 A viral TikTok darkened skin trend accused of promoting colourism Racism India
Apr 29, 2020 Professor fired after TikTok of porn bookmark goes viral Trending USA
Apr 29, 2020 Warning: The #ForeignerChallenge on TikTok is seriously dangerous and disturbing Trending USA
Apr 29, 2020 TikTok and Bill Gates donating $20 million to help Africa tackle coronavirus pendamic News USA
Apr 29, 2020 Dog death TikTok video gaining millions of views but critics are calling it exploitation Trending USA
Apr 25, 2020 Doctor warns about toxic #NutmegChallenge that could causes vomiting and hallucinations Trending All
Apr 27, 2020 TikTok launches donation stickers allowing creators to fundraise for coronavirus relief efforts Trending China
Apr 26, 2020 New Jersey school disciplined student over racist TikTok videos Rscism USA
Apr 26, 2020 Perez Hilton could face TikTok ban after petition signed by thousands reaches goal News USA
Apr 25, 2020 China orders TikTok owner ByteDance to remove Feishu workplace app News China
Apr 24, 2020 Ariana Grande dragged her own TikTok fans who impersonate her Trending USA
Apr 24, 2020 TikTok stars are criticized for participating in controversial #SeizureChallenge Trending All
Apr 24, 2020 Comedian Sarah cooper's latest TikTok spoofs Donald Trumps injection speculation Trending USA
Apr 24, 2020 TikTok donates $4 million to support restaurant workers during the coronavirus pandemic News USA
Apr 24, 2020 TikTok users are growing among Indian social media elite during lockdown News India
Apr 23, 2020 TikTok teens expelled from school for the racist How’s My Form? trend during quarantine Racism Sudan
Apr 23, 2020 Police investigating three Woodridge students accused of making racist TikTok video Racism USA
Apr 22, 2020 Charli D’Amelio has officially becomes first star hit 50 million followers on TikTok News USA
Apr 22, 2020 #WhiteClawSlushie are the latest TikTok beverage challenge craze, here's the recipes Trending USA
Apr 22, 2020 TikTok donates $2 million to the actors fund Covid-19 emergency financial assistance program News USA
Apr 22, 2020 Egypt influencer Haneen Hussam arrested for inciting debauchery after viral TikTok video Arrest Egypt
Apr 22, 2020 Two arrested for mocking police in TikTok video Arrest India
Apr 21, 2020 Five Mumbai youths arrested for demeaning cops Tiktok video Arrest India
Apr 21, 2020 TikTok users are acting out Trump's most absurd coronavirus speeches Trending USA
Apr 21, 2020 The #NutmegChallenge again viral on TikTok and the platform is struggling to remove it Trending All
Apr 19, 2020 Youths arrested and paraded for mocking Mumbai police TikTok video Arrest India
Apr 18, 2020 Georgia high school expelled two students after posting racist cooking TikTok video Racism USA
Apr 17, 2020 Coronavirus: TikTok donates £5 million to the Royal college of nursing foundation News UK
Apr 16, 2020 TikTok to launch parental controls globally, disable private messaging for users under 16 age News USA
Apr 16, 2020 Scot's lockdown boredom TikTok attempt ends in face-plant disaster Challenge UK
Apr 14, 2020 Teens are drinking nutmeg in dangerous TikTok #NutmegChallenge to get high Challenge UK
Apr 14, 2020 TikTok video lands Hyderabad man in police lockup Arrest India
Apr 13, 2020 Developers spoofed a TikTok server and replaced real videos with fakes News All
Apr 12, 2020 TikToker who poked fun at masks bacame first positive coronavirus person in his district News India
Apr 11, 2020 TikTok passes one billion installs on the Google play store, boosted by the coronavirus pandemic News All
Apr 09, 2020 Grandma 88, wishes birthday to herself amid coronavirus quarantine get over 9.3 million views Trending USA
Apr 09, 2020 TikTok pledges $375 million in support of coronavirus COVID-19 relief efforts News China
Apr 09, 2020 Ten hospitalized after trying TikTok home remedy to keep coronavirus away News India
Apr 07, 2020 A family shocked people by tossing their teen with disabilities in TikTok challenge Trending USA
Apr 07, 2020 Indians seek revenge from China over introducing coronavirus, demands TikTok boycott Racism India
Apr 06, 2020 TikTok influencers are deleting #MugShotMakeup challenge posts after being accused of violence Violation USA
Apr 02, 2020 TikTok star Lindsey Ball known as Smokinhottballz has been died News USA
Apr 02, 2020 YouTube reportedly working on TikTok competitor called Shorts News USA
Apr 02, 2020 Nashik man arrested who wipes nose and mouth with money in TikTok video during coronavirus Arrest India
Apr 01, 2020 Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes nail #StomachChurningChallenge as she jumps on his back Challenge USA
Mar 31, 2020 TikTok couple documents quarantine date in the time of coronavirus lockdown goes viral Trending USA
Mar 30, 2020 TikTok #NakedChallenge walking completely nude towards partner has taken over TikTok Trending All
Mar 30, 2020 Naked man accidentally flashed his girlfriend's mom taking part in viral TikTok #NakedChallenge Challenge Unknown
Mar 28, 2020 Three hospital staff suspended for shooting TikTok videos with women coronavirus COVID-19 positive Case India
Mar 28, 2020 TikTok star Linda Roper aka Grandma Yoyo, 71 died after documenting her battle with lung cancer News USA
Mar 27, 2020 Dancing dad and his two adult sons become overnight stars with blinding lights TikTok challenge Trending USA
Mar 25, 2020 TikTok coronavirus prankster arrested on terror charges for licking supermarket items after global outrage Arrest USA
Mar 25, 2020 Moron who licked toilet seat on TiktTok #CoronavirusChallenge now has COVID-19 positive News UK
Mar 24, 2020 TikTok pledges $10 million to world health organization coronavirus response efforts News USA
Mar 24, 2020 Doctor warns innocent people will die if they do the #CoronavirusChallenge Challenge UK
Mar 22, 2020 Ryan Lochte and his wife Kayla goes topless for TikTok #FliptheSwitchChallenge Challenge USA
Mar 21, 2020 TikTok users are spreading disinformation about social distancing against novel coronavirus COVID-19 Violation India
Mar 19, 2020 U.S Soccer Christian Pulisic almost wrecks while creating a TikTok during his coronavirus quarantine News USA
Mar 16, 2020 TikTok censored ugly poor or disabled people to attract more users Violation China
Mar 16, 2020 TikTok influencer Ava Louise slammed for licking an airplane toilet seat for #CoronavirusChallenge Challenge USA
Mar 10, 2020 TikTok couples are trying trending #FliptheSwitchChallenge on TikTok Challenge USA
Mar 08, 2020 Man arrested for fires bullet into a cop’s house while filming TikTok video in his society Arrest India
Mar 08, 2020 Ahmedabad man held for drinking, makes TikTok video inside lock-up Violation India
Mar 07, 2020 Kuna 10 year old girl targeted in TikTok scam Scam USA
Mar 07, 2020 Four men arrested for killing and burn snake and making a TikTok video Arrest India
Mar 07, 2020 Three held over cops death during TikTok video recording Arrest Pakistan
Mar 03, 2020 Two New Jersey teens charged for injuring another during viral TikTok #SkullBreakerChallenge Arrest USA
Mar 02, 2020 TikTok allows anti-vaxxers to spread deadly myths that cause autism and cancer Violation UK
Mar 01, 2020 Karnataka man arrested by forest dept who kills porcupine and posts TikTok video of cooking Arrest India
Mar 01, 2020 TikTok removes Australian account purporting to hunt paedophiles Violation Australia
Feb 29, 2020 TikTok #SaltChallenge has increased risks heart stroke, high blood pressure and kidney illness Challenge UK
Feb 29, 2020 A TikTok of a teen getting an abortion went viral and sparked a massive debate Trending USA
Feb 26, 2020 TikTok influencer almost died after getting trapped under the ice during stunt video News USA
Feb 25, 2020 Mother lets her son slap her breasts as part of bizarre TikTok video being viral on Twitter too Trending Australia
Feb 23, 2020 Transportation security administration and US military branches have banned employees from TikTok News USA
Feb 19, 2020 #SkullBreakerChallenge going viral on TikTok is dangerous, doctors warn Challenge USA
Feb 19, 2020 Kasur police arrest boy for sharing aerial firing video on TikTok Arrest Pakistan
Feb 17, 2020 Health experts warns about TikTok trend of teens consuming food color to pee colorful is not safe Trending USA
Feb 15, 2020 TikTok teens are shaving off their Eyebrows for the #FoxEyeChallenge Challenge USA
Feb 12, 2020 TikTok accused of censorship after deleting videos by transgender users Violation China
Feb 10, 2020 Teens warned not to try #PassOutChallenge for likes, New TikTok trend could be deadly Challenge UK
Feb 10, 2020 Teenager assaulted, abused and paraded naked on street for shooting TikTok video Violation India
Feb 09, 2020 Fresno airport employees fired after filming viral TikTok video goofing around with airport equipment Case USA
Feb 08, 2020 Florida students face criminal charges after TikTok video shows them injuring black student Arrest USA
Feb 07, 2020 Shop keeper held for torturing child for TikTok video Arrest Pakistan
Feb 06, 2020 TikTok reportedly waited hours to call police but notified TikTok PR team almost immediately Violation Brazil
Feb 06, 2020 TikTok accidentally verified a fake Kendall Jenner account News China
Feb 01, 2020 Teacher and student get married after suspended from college over indecent TikTok video Case Pakistan
Jan 31, 2020 Asian teens make fun of coronavirus racism through TikTok videos Racism China
Jan 31, 2020 Censorship claims emerge as TikTok gets political in India Racism India
Jan 30, 2020 A teenager hospitalized after a harmonica stuck in her mouth while shooting TikTok video News Canada
Jan 29, 2020 Boys charged for allegedly following TikTok trend, scorching outlets in school Case USA
Jan 28, 2020 TikTok used to spread misinformation about the coronavirus Violation USA
Jan 27, 2020 NBA legend Kobe Bryant death: Teens post disturbing TikTok video that appears to be mimic Violation USA
Jan 22, 2020 TikTok #CerealChallenge involves people eating cereal out of each other’s mouths Challenge USA
Jan 21, 2020 Fire fighters warn TikTok #OutletChallenge could cause fire or serious injury Violation USA
Jan 19, 2020 Pediatrician gets death threats after posting a pro-vaccination video on TikTok News USA
Jan 16, 2020 Helmetless bike stunt lands TikTok teen under police lens Arrest India
Jan 09, 2020 A security flaw found in TikTok app that allow hackers to take control of user account Violation China
Jan 02, 2020 US military officals banned soldiers from using TikTok app considiring it a security concern News USA
Jan 02, 2020 TikTok releases transparency report claims highest number of requests from India and the US News China
Dec 23, 2019 Performing stunts on car and bike for TikTok videos lands five in jail Arrest India
Dec 04, 2019 Teens posts TikTok video just after a car accident that left them stuck inside the shattered vehicle News USA
Dec 02, 2019 Lawsuit claims TikTok accused of secretly gathering user data and sending it to China Violation China
Nov 29, 2019 TikTok fame craze lands two youths in cop net after they posed with the carcass of a fishing duo Arrest India
Nov 28, 2019 TikTok star Priya Gupta from Rajasthan threatens to commit suicide over fake obscene video Violation India
Nov 28, 2019 TikTok apologizes for suspending Feroza Aziz account who focused Uighur Muslim in makeup tutorial News China
Nov 28, 2019 Andhra police arrest man for strangulating wife to death for posting TikTok videos Arrest India
Nov 26, 2019 TikTok suspended teen account who condemned the Chinese government over Uighur Muslims Violation China
Nov 20, 2019 Madhya Pradesh youth arrested for making TikTok video using pistol Arrest India
Nov 18, 2019 Mother of three children moves Bombay high court for ban on TikTok mobile app News India
Nov 12, 2019 Lucknow police arrested grade 12 boy for morphing video of two sister and sent notice to TikTok Arrest India
Nov 02, 2019 US officials starts investigation on TikTok app over security and censorship concerns News USA
Nov 02, 2019 TikTok app becomes villain turned housewife ends up in an orphanage Case India
Oct 28, 2019 Railway police held two minor boys for performing stunts on train Arrest India
Oct 28, 2019 UAE mother raises alarm after teenager survives choking challenge game News UAE
Oct 21, 2019 ISIS targeted US teens to spread recruitment and promotional propaganda videos Violation USA
Sep 24, 2019 Man threatens to commit suicide from hotel rooftop after uploading TikTok video News India
Sep 23, 2019 Three cabin crew members grounded for making TikTok videos in uniform Case Pakistan
Sep 17, 2019 Lucknow official seeks explanation over viral TikTok video of Uttar Pradesh cop in uniform Case India
Sep 16, 2019 TikTok star Daniyal Khan and his three friends passed away while making a video News Pakistan
Sep 02, 2019 The girl wiped out her mum's £3,500 savings with an influencer on TikTok Scam UK
Aug 15, 2019 Teen video app TikTok is the latest battlefield in the Kashmir conflict Racism India
Aug 12, 2019 Delhi man arrested on his birthday for an air fire traced by viral TikTok video Arrest India
Jul 30, 2019 Two woman officials from Delhi police face action over TikTok video Case India
Jul 28, 2019 Two Gujarat constables suspended for shooting TikTok video with police van on duty Case India
Jul 27, 2019 The Uttar Pradesh police transfers team for flaunting official weapon in TikTok video Case India
Jul 26, 2019 Two physiotherapy students suspended from Hyderabad hospital after viral TikTok video Case India
Jul 25, 2019 Gujarat cop suspended after her dancing in police station video goes viral on TikTok Case India
Jul 22, 2019 Uploading TikTok video along with illegal pistol lands youth in jail Arrest Pakistan
Jul 12, 2019 Lincoln man loses $3,000 after daughter scammed through TikTok app Scam UK
Jul 09, 2019 Mumbai police registers case against TikTok influencers asking revenge for Tabrez lynching Racism India
Jul 03, 2019 TikTok fans got pressured for sending digital money to their favourite influencers on TikTok app Scam USA
May 21, 2019 TikTok celebrity Mohit Mor shot dead in Delhi News India
March 30, 2019 Two alleged gangsters arrested for showing off guns in a TikTok video in Delhi Arrest India
Nov 27, 2018 Police official suspended after dance video in uniform goes viral Case Pakistan

Note: The purpose of TikTok Death Tracker website tiktokdeath.com is to promote awareness among netizens in order to ensure user safety while posting and viewing content through TikTok app. Unfortunately, there have been multiple reported TikTok incidents where TikTok users have lost their lives or permanent disability while filming TikTok videos. It works like a tracker that not only tracks TikTok death record but TikTok injuries and other related incidents. The objective is to maintain TikTok accident TikTok incidents TikTok deaths TikTok injury TikTok stunt and TikTok challenge details for general user.

Although TikTok app is considered as a secured app but it may behaves like potentially harmful application if TikTok user ignore TikTok terms of service and usage policy. TikTok app discourage performing TikTok stunt or TikTok challenges but majority of the youth become victimized under the influence of TikTok followers or in accomplishment of TikTok challenges. In order to make TikTok app safe it requires improvement in TikTok viral algorithm and TikTok hashtag feature that will help TikTok app to be much safe, secure and reliable.